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How To Get Six Pack

Flatten your abs just by releasing energy blockages

The truth is, a weak or faulty core blocks and drains away your energy…

Some cultures call this energy Ki, Chi, Prana or Spirit… I usually just think of it 
as the energy that flows through your nervous system…

And when you align your core and fix these blockages your abs will flatten fast.

The best part is, this method of belly flattening is low intensity and requires
 you to do LESS exercise…

=> Flatten your abs just by releasing energy blockages

SUBJ: Chubby cop gets stabbed… discovers flat abs secret
SUBJ 2: Chubby cop “magnetizes” flat abs towards himself

I want to share a terrific story today about a friend of mine, a former cop…

Picture the stereotype of the chubby donut eating cop… that was kinda him.

Now he has the most amazing rock-hard midsection I’ve ever seen.

He never does 1000s of sit ups or crunches.

And the story of how he figured out the secret to near-effortless belly
 flattening exercises is totally wonky and crazy.
 (Yeah! There’s a bit about him getting stabbed…)

SUBJ: 5 reasons your flat belly has gone missing

Listen, if your belly isn’t as flat as you’d like. Or if you would like a more
 defined midsection. It’s not your fault that you aren’t
 yet seeing the results you deserve…

You see, you’re probably getting the wrong advice.
 Because doing more abs exercises, or working yourself silly until you finish in
 a pile of sweat on the gym floor is actually making it harder to get flat abs.

In fact there are 5 reasons you don’t have the flat abs 
you want and you can discover them all at the website below…

=> 5 reasons your flat belly has gone missing

Fix these 5 things and you’ll feel like your flat abs are
 practically magnetized towards you.

SUBJ: Mind trick to have flat abs

This is wild…

I recently discovered an abs flattening trick so powerful I refused 
to believe it was real until I saw the proof…

Because the trick was 99% in your mind only.

And it works so fast and so easy that I needed to see if for myself.

Yes! It’s legit…

You still need to do some exercise, yet this simple mindset shift makes
 it twice as easy and allows you to do half the amount of exercise and at super
 low intensity…

=> Mind trick to have flat abs

SUBJ: No Pain No Gain??

Never, ever listen to the old saying… “No Pain, No Gain”
It simply does not work for 9 out of 10 people… In fact I’ve
 discovered it’s actually the reason why most folks fail to have the body they 
desire and deserve…

SUBJ: Healthy, Flat Belly…
Are you ready to get the abs of your dreams?
Ok.. Get Ready!
Now this will sound weird… however the truth and path to getting a flat belly and 
the body you have always wanted is this…
First, accept yourself… Be happy in this moment, yet be clear where you 
want to go… Believe it… Then act…
Once you have the right mindset the rest comes naturally!
Don't wait till tomorrow, success starts today!!!  

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